Bulk SMS Marketing – Who should use and why?

SMS came into existence in 1992. That was the time when the first SMS was sent. The fundamentals are still the same. As a strong marketing tool, SMS has grown drastically in stature especially in the recent years.
Whether you plan to set up a global marketing campaign or engaging regional customers, Bulk SMS is a highly effective and friction-free way to communicate with clients.

Why choose Bulk SMS marketing?
Here are valid reasons to integrate SMS marketing into your business plan.

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How effectively you can go for digital bulk sms messaging

How Effectively You can go for Digital Bulk SMS Messaging?

Bulk SMS is a marketing channel that leads to a successful marketing campaign. The results have been extraordinary and have worked for a diverse range of organizations across the globe. Mobile SMS marketing campaign has proved itself in the industry by giving inflated sales.

You will agree with the fact that mobile phones are used everywhere and are ruling the digital world. This is the reason why mobile-focused marketing has become a focal point of the strategic marketing plan. Bulk SMS is a must for every business that wants to grow and keep a competitive edge over its competitors.

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Importance of SMS Firewall

Importance of SMS Firewall to Avoid Spam & SMS Fraud Management

Corporate SMS is a rapidly growing sector. Numerous companies rely on SMS services to promote and market their services. Thus, SMS firewall solution is an essential part of their strategy.

Additionally, an SMS firewall’s positive effects are incredibly vital for a company’s best possible functioning. It identifies all improperly charged routes, filters traffic, and prevents network abuse. SMS firewall is based on a holistic approach that combines software and hardware features to ensure monetization. Moreover, it provides operators with a safe and spam-free messaging environment. It even reduces traffic due to unsolicited messages.

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Globe Konnect - Are smartphones the reason behind the popularity of bulk SMS marketing

Are smartphones the reason behind the popularity of bulk SMS marketing?

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. Mobile phones have turned our world upside down so how can marketing be spared.

They have changed the marketing game as well. Businesses are opting for bulk SMS services to reach their target audience with a single click and spread the word about their services.

International SMS cost is not much high, and businesses find lots of value from sending SMS to their customers globally.

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Mobile marketing with bulk sms services

Revolutionizing mobile marketing with bulk SMS services

In recent years, the world has become overtly digital. Almost everyone nowadays owns a mobile phone. It is often considered as a means of communication and recreation.

Hence, the whole idea of marketing has also changed with the advent of mobile phones.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is one of the most successful marketing techniques at the moment. Moreover, large corporations and business people consider mobile marketing as the core of their publicity like sms marketing, whatsapp marketing, voice messages etc.

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How to reach your targeted potential customers with bulk SMS services?

Today’s businesses are adopting digital ways to reach out to the audience in a much prominent way.

The bulk SMS solution is one of the most newfound tools for advertising your products.

Apart from promoting your products online, bulk SMS service ensures that your advertisement reaches all the devices. Right from national to international bulk SMS providers, this can be one of the most helpful ways to reach your target audience, no matter what your business is.

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How small businesses can use reliable bulk SMS gateway for driving sales

If you have entered the world of business and marketing, undoubtedly, you must have heard about SMS marketing and how powerful it can be for driving immediate sales. Well, with a reliable SMS gateway, you can achieve all your marketing goals.

It is popular among marketers because of the highly receptive audience and being a single medium used for promotion.

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Ways to improve customer engagement with creative Bulk SMS services

When it comes to retaining customers and creating brand loyalty, customer service plays a vital role. Good customer service solves customer queries by providing effective solutions.Bulk SMS marketing services allow you to engage with your customers.Moreover, Bulk SMS services can be used to create a better customer service experience.

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SMS – “The King of Communications” still rules

It all started in 1992 when the first Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS was sent over a GSM Network. This was followed by the introduction of Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS in 2001. People and business took to this new technology like fish to water and SMS (P2P and A2P) witnessed phenomenal growth. In less than a decade SMS traffic grew into the trillions with more than 80% adoption by mobile subscribers.

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