Short Message Service Centre (SMSC)

Cost-effective and Customized

A Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) is a network element in the mobile telephone network which delivers SMS messages. It is responsible for handling the SMS operations in a wireless network. The main purpose of SMSC is to forward SMS from your host network  to the recipient’s network, store SMS if the recipient is unavailable and deliver when recipient is available in the network. Globe Konnect provides the sms gateway for sms service providers who wish to sell sms services by providing the infrastructure for a SMSC for connecting to a mobile network’s signaling layer.

Significance Of SMSC

Influential Tool

For telecom operators to distinguish between their data messaging services, SMSC is a powerful tool.


It is capable of supporting inflated applications.


It serves various purposes together like boost customer satisfaction and subscriber loyalty along with minimizing CAPEX/OPEX.


It works like a safety jacket for an operator’s investments and offers enhanced, IMS/LTE- compatible applications.

The Globe Konnect Advantages

Exercise Freedom: Globe Konnect provides you the best open source java based SMSC which offers you complete freedom from high-cost vendor lock-in.

Carrier Grade Performance: We got our SMSC deployed at telecom operators across the globe. Our SMSC is fully capable of fulfilling the needs of telecom service providers worldwide minimizing your CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Completely Optimized: Globe Konnect’s SMSC offers a complete package of SMS products, which makes it easier for you to target diverse client groups and provide them with more superior services.

Load harmonizing & Transparent Failover: Multifold Globe Konnect SMSC nodes can be placed altogether in a bunch covering one or more geographically scattered data centers to speed up output and offer diverse levels of redundancy, high accessibility and fault tolerance.