Management Team

Rajiv Singla

CTO & Business Head – Messaging

A highly accomplished technology specialist, Rajiv has over 15 years of experience in the Wholesale Telecom industry working with IcallGlobe, Jaina Systems Network, and Aircel. He played a pivotal role in resolving the Middle Eastern Market for VoIP resellers, squeezing the meshed network of Jaina and building Pol’s with Indian operators in the Southern region. He was the leading expert in expanding the ILD network of Aircel with a termination capacity of 3 Bn MoU/Month. He is also blessed with strong analytical and management skills which have been instrumental in establishing the very successful SMS business of Globe Konnect.

Leadership Team

Ashutosh Jha

Sr. Vice President – Global Messaging

Ashutosh has over 20 years of experience as an IT and Telecom professional in Sales and Carrier Relations. He started his professional journey in IT Hardware Services and Systems Integration working with organizations like Zenith Computers and Fujitsu ICIM. During this time he worked hand in hand with principal partners of Fujitsu ICIM like Sun Microsystems, IBM, H.P, CISCO, Hitachi Data Systems, Emc2, Veritas, and Citrix etc. on many large domestic and international I.T infrastructure projects. In 2007 he made a domain switch to telecom when he joined ACL Mobile Limited. In his varied roles at ACL he has worked closely with both enterprises and mobile operators while also working extensively with the engineering and product teams for developing services on the various carrier channels of GSM networks (voice, data, ussd, sms etc). In his previous assignments he was head of Enterprise Sales for new acquisitions before being appointed as V.P for Carrier Relations and International Sales.

Manan Mohan

General Manager

With over a decade of industry experience in sales and relationship management, Manan handles global sales at Globe Konnect. His insight of the industry has helped him develop long term relationships with major Tier 1 international clients. Manan graduated from London, worked for a while in Rwanda before returning to India in 2010. His working knowledge across Africa, Europe and Asia has allowed him to understand cross geography working culture and thus enhance sales. Prior to this he was associated with Netsoft in Africa and with messaging solutions at ACL.

Rakshit Deshmukh

Financial Controller

With a Chartered Accountant’s Degree and Diploma in Information System Audit, Rakshit is at the helm of financial matters at Globe Konnect. Rakshit is responsible for financial and managerial planning, budgeting, financial analysis, cash flow control, communications with banks and revenue authorities, as well as business planning and evaluation of new products.

Keshav Vishwakarma

Technical Head – SMS

Keshav holds an M.Tech degree in mobile computing technology and has more than 10 years of experience in different messaging services like SMSC, SMS Firewall, Missed Call Alert services, Reliance iCall, Webchat and LBS in telecom giants like Reliance Communications, Acision and Mahindra Comviva. Keshav spearheads our NOC operations. His experience has helped Globe Konnect cater to the many unique requirements of our clients and to customize our services to meet their goals.

Himanshu Marwah

Head of Market Strategy

With many years of industry experience, Himanshu has worked extensively in new business development, procurement and market strategy. Himanshu leads the market strategy & procurement team at Globe Konnect. In his current capacity, he provides a strategic direction to his team to achieve company’s revenue targets, procurement and routings to enhance route quality and competitiveness. Prior to Globe Konnect, He was associated with ACL, Times Of India Group and Route Mobile.

The Globe Konnect Advantages

Business Optimization

Increase online sales by 100%, generate greater ROI,get service delivery and customer care through personalized and wholesale bulk SMS’s. Globe Konnect delivers messages efficiently and at competitive rates.


We ensure increased security by encrypting contact details and giving audience ambiguity with Number Masking. Along with carriers, regulators and industry bodies, we proactively work for a cleaner ecosystem. Avoiding frauds and scams guarantee that you and your service consumer enjoy full benefits that the SMS channel has to offer. Globe Konnect provides you the best network and fraud management solutions.


Globe Konnect has brought more than 250 Interconnects with leading Tier1 & ILD telecom operators, bulk SMS aggregators & resellers worldwide.

Managed Services

Our enormous skills and strategic view point of telecom and network helps us in opting for the most effective choice of technology and solution. You will need to uplift the growth of your business in telecom.

Scalable, Fast & Flexible Solutions

Our solutions are formed to adapt persistently varying market and communication trends at varied speeds & stages of accuracy that only an in-house solution can offer.

Reduce No-Shows by 50%

Is your audience facing the problem of missing out on their appointments?
We provide engaging SMS reminders that help you to remember, and to generate more revenue. We also help you increase leads and sales for your product with our bulk SMS wholesalers services.

Globe Konnect Associates

We are a modern age communications company, providing audiences with innovative and intelligent solutions by constantly resolving complex problems & pushing the boundaries of technology.