SMS Firewall Solutions

Secure and Monetize

SMS Firewall offers mobile operators with a secure spam-free roaming and messaging environment that their subscribers can rely upon, while reducing complaints due to unsolicited messages. It stops spoofed and faked messages, releases the network bandwidth for revenue generating traffic and prevents content providers from bypassing SMS Terminating fees.

Significance Of SMS Firewall

Eradicate Grey Routes

A2P SMS Firewall helps you to purge grey or undesired routes. You become successful in getting rid of different spams that can reduce the speed of your business process and wreck your marketing strategy.

Suitably Charge Each and Every SMS Terminating in Your Network Range

Avoid message overflow by restricting huge amounts of messages to one or more destinations. Prohibit fake “messages” from the manipulated addresses of the messages.

Achieve Complete Control of SMS Traffic in Your Network

The desired amount of SMS traffic in the near network is driven towards your business via SMS firewall as it removes the unnecessary messages that are blocking your way of growth.

Protect the Transparency of Your Network

Globe Konnect focuses on improving security of SMS.
A2P SMS firewall provides you a platform to see through the network clearly and helps you differentiate between targeted clients & spam addresses.

The Globe Konnect Advantages:

Inimitable Proficiency / Know-How Skills : Our unmatched knowledge and vital perceptions offer you a safety cover that you require to stay safe from spams, frauds and other threats. Our team of experts possess very deep and precise understanding as they have been a part of the mobile messaging trade from its initial stages, they helped outline/figure/mold the industry.

Monetize Messaging: Blasé and modernized layer of SMS firewall solutions provide you a coat of protection which ensures that you won’t miss out fresh leads and income opportunities. It will filter out the unpaid grey routes that help you grab the fair chance of flourishing your enterprise messaging industry.

Constant Security: A software with optimized features, and deep knowledge & expertise of enterprise messaging are the basic amenities for effectual security. Globe Konnect insists on your 360° protection at all edges.

Cost-Effective Solution: Creating and handling a firewall, necessarily requires CAPEX and OPEX, particularly now-a-days when spam and fraud have an evident upsurge. Globe Konnect SMS firewall offers low-cost and comprehensive solutions, which eradicate the need of in-house MNO systems.