Reseller Bulk SMS Gateway Panel

Easy and Powerful

Reseller panel makes sure that you can send your messages anywhere, anytime. We provide a state of the art reseller panel, which makes sending messages simpler and easier.

Significance Of Reseller Panel

Greater Reach

Convey your customized message to your clients anytime and anywhere within no time and increase your reach and leads.

Two-Way Communication

Communication is complete and effective, when feedback is received by the sender. Reseller panel is the best way for communication, as it allows feedback and suggestions by customers.

Earn More ROI

This platform helps you reach more people bringing higher conversions and a survey suggested customers take more actions as compared to other marketing strategies.


This platform helps you communicate with your clients via SMS which has greater benefits and lower cost.

The Globe Konnect Advantages

  Region Wise Separation: Diverse languages are used across the world, communication gap is a big problem, Globe Konnect helps you fill in the gap. You convey the message to us and we will segregate them to your customers.

  API Code: We provide you with our ready to incorporate API, through which you can immediately start communicating with your audience and drive them to your business with small investment.

  API Containers: You just need to connect your computer with our API one time and then you will be able to access multiple API’S easily without any technical know-how.