When it comes to retaining customers and creating brand loyalty, customer service plays a vital role. Good customer service solves customer queries by providing effective solutions.Bulk SMS marketing services allow you to engage with your customers.Moreover, Bulk SMS services can be used to create a better customer service experience.

Technological advancements are being brought into the business world daily. It is a good idea to integrate futuristic ideas into your marketing strategies.

Here in this blog, let’s get to know how  to engage customers and provide them with the best services.

 6 Ways to Improve Customer Service via Bulk SMS Service



Feedback should be taken after the customer makes any purchase or takes any service. A bulk SMS platform allows for quick and honest feedback. It is easier compared to other methods of getting customer feedback.

2.Promotional Codes

Through bulk SMS marketing, sales can be increased during promotional periods. These allow for close contact marketing so that you can reach your customers at any time of the day. 

SMS marketing services help with forming smarter SMS campaigns, using interactive methods. These allow customers to know when their favourite items are on sale.

3.Digital Receipts

Paper receipts are done and dusted. Digital receipts contain all the information you need about a purchase. Then at the same time, allows feedback. With just one click a consumer will be able to let you know what they think. 

They allow customers to have digital proof of their purchase. It saves paper and portrays social awareness. The eco-friendly image of your brand can eventually help in attracting more customers.


4.Appointment reminders

The important part of customer service is maintaining meaningful contact with a customer. Reminding them of appointments helps in reducing no-shows. Using a reliable SMS gateway makes it easier to reach your customer than an email or a phone call. It shows your customer that you care about them and this increases customer satisfaction.

5.Informing about change in policies

For small changes in policies, a quick SMS can keep your customers updated. You can save your company a lot of time and resources by allowing customers to interact via text. This also tends to give customers more independence and satisfaction.

6.Rewarding clients

Ever walked out of a store and received a “You’ve been awarded 20 points!” message? Engaging with the customer after they walk out of the store enhances brand image. They begin to associate your brand with a positive feeling of a reward. This increases brand loyalty.


Why do you need  Bulk SMS Service for your business?

1.Creates a brand image

You would be able to approach your customers with a tone they would immediately connect with. This adds a personal touch, which increases customer loyalty.


Direct SMS makes two-way interaction between you and your customer quick and easy. Studies have found that SMS customer services are more efficient than calling services. It should also be noted that feedback tends to be more honest.

3.Saves Resources

Using SMS to interact with customers means that you can save costs. Because you no longer need to rely on your in-house resources. As you have already found a way to effectively connect with your customers.

4.Merges customer service with marketing

SMS is among the most reliable marketing strategies. We use our phones to text more than anything. This means your customer can read your SMS at any point of the day.

5.Increases Efficiency

With the seamless process of automated SMS services, customers are constantly reassured. Just a simple confirmation message to acknowledge the redressal of an issue. If nothing else, the progress of their order would put your customers at ease.


Traditionally, customer service was taken care of via calls. But bulk SMS offers a sophisticated degree of flexibility through automation.

7.Increases customer-business interaction

Using the best bulk SMS service increases the number of times your customer thinks of your brand. Not only is this great for marketing, but also adds a personal touch to your services. Customer-business interaction is the defining factor of a company’s customer service.

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