4 Smart Ways to Nail Customer Experience with Messaging

Marketers of today know customer satisfaction has to be the priority and so is interacting with them in the right way. You may want to establish and control the parameters of every interaction, but it is not necessary that the ball will always be in your court. Everything depends on how you move forward when it comes to effective communication.

Today, the most powerful as well as the preferred medium for communication is texting. This is because there is no internet connection required to reach a customer so notifications can be sent to anyone that has a cellphone. Also, it’s less intrusive and time-consuming. When done in the right way it’s an effective channel through which to conduct business.

Here are the four key ideas to consider:

1. Maintain a strong relationship with your customers

Every marketer wants to have a strong relationship with the customer, right? There is a long list of things that can be done but most importantly you should gain their trust. Also, send personalized messages as this makes them feel valued.

You may be wondering how personalization might look like. This simply means, send them the notifications that they actually want. The notifications include order, shipping details, service downtime alerts, login verification, and personalized promotions. All these alerts as well as notifications are an easy way to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. One-way messaging is highly scalable. It helps in growing your audience quickly.

Beyond one-way notifications, there are other ways also to engage customers.

Another tactic is adhering to the 160-character limit. Don’t send messages that are too long. In this hectic world, no one has the time to read them. Send them messages only when they opt-in (subscribe). Don’t just keep sending vague bulk messages as this is going to irritate them for sure.

Answer these queries:

  • Is the customer happy with promotional messages?
  • How many messages are considered too many?
  • Are you following the government standards?

No matter what you do, make sure you aim at delivering a great experience.

2. Balancing the type of messages sent is the key

You have to consider that messaging them in the right way is important. Today, all customers have a mobile phone and most of them have smartphones. And this is the simplest way to reach them. SMSs have the highest open rates as compared to emails or any other communication channels.

Understand what type of messages will delight them and which ones will fall flat. Make sure they are welcoming as well as valuable.

Delightful messages are not only related to the travel and restaurant industries. In every sector, customers face trouble when it comes to installation or anything else. Making how-to videos with text messages and doing video calls is the best way to bridge the gap and support customers.

Providing them remote services is the new way of doing business in different industries. Keep pleasing your customers and they will keep coming back.

Knowing the act of balancing promotional, and delightful messaging is very important. The majority of customers love having discounts and coupons on their phones. Whenever you think of sending promotional messages, moderation is key.

3. Leverage AI-powered conversational messaging

Messaging doesn’t have to be a one-way channel. Smart marketers know that conversational messages deliver more value.

Deploying chatbots via mobile messaging channels help customers solve their queries in a short duration of time. Responding to routine customer service inquiries or helping them in the purchase, two-way messaging saves your customers time and saves your company money.

The major reason why text messaging is way more powerful than email is, it doesn’t land up in spam, unlike emails. And also because it’s always-on and ready to solve problems. SMS creates a connection that iss like a starting point for a wide range of actions. This ranges from e-commerce and customer loyalty programs to customer support.

4. Improve customer insights

Did you know that text message is also an effective channel for reaching customers and getting analytics? Yes, that is possible.

Also, you can make them fill surveys to follow up on purchases or customer feedback. This is a great way to learn how to improve customer service and satisfaction. And you get an insight into their purchasing style and the overall experience.

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Text messages when used in the right way turn out to be a very powerful marketing tool having the ability to create an excellent customer experience. When you partner with a reliable SMS service provider, you strengthen new customer relations.