Bulk SMS Marketing – Who should use and why?

SMS came into existence in 1992. That was the time when the first SMS was sent. The fundamentals are still the same. As a strong marketing tool, SMS has grown drastically in stature especially in the recent years.
Whether you plan to set up a global marketing campaign or engaging regional customers, Bulk SMS is a highly effective and friction-free way to communicate with clients.

Why choose Bulk SMS marketing?
Here are valid reasons to integrate SMS marketing into your business plan.

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How effectively you can go for digital bulk sms messaging

How Effectively You can go for Digital Bulk SMS Messaging?

Bulk SMS is a marketing channel that leads to a successful marketing campaign. The results have been extraordinary and have worked for a diverse range of organizations across the globe. Mobile SMS marketing campaign has proved itself in the industry by giving inflated sales.

You will agree with the fact that mobile phones are used everywhere and are ruling the digital world. This is the reason why mobile-focused marketing has become a focal point of the strategic marketing plan. Bulk SMS is a must for every business that wants to grow and keep a competitive edge over its competitors.

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How A2P SMS Marketing is Surging Globally

How A2P SMS Marketing is Surging Globally

When you send text messages from an app to a subscribed user with the help of an SMS sending service, it is termed as Global A2P SMS Marketing. This SMS can be sent from any application and can be opened on any smartphone. But the smartphone should have basic features like GSM.

This growth is driven by elements that include more and more mobile subscribers globally. The constant increase of messaging service in customer-facing industries is usually in countries like India and China.

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How can retailers leverage SMS Marketing to increase their business?

From the last decade, the retail business has seen an escalating shift. With online marketing services, it has become more comfortable for consumers to get products and services at their doorsteps.

For instance, if you sell your services in one part of the world with perfect digital marketing strategies, you can sell it worldwide.

There is constant pressure on retailers to be available everywhere wherever their consumers are, and this has become a challenge.

With new challenges comes more pressure to stand out in the crowd, so the battle boils down to customer loyalty.

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SMS Marketing Campaigns

Tips to get the most out of your SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing is on the rise and getting more popular than ever before, and for all the right reasons. Text messages are read more than emails, that’s the reason SMS marketing campaigns come into picture!

Text Messaging drives maximum engagement among all marketing mediums by far. More than 90% of messages are read within 150 seconds of receipt. Well, the only reason for you not trying this out is your wrong notion about it. If applied wisely, it can offer you precise targeting and can be an efficient tool to reach a gainful demographic: the younger class.

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