SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing is on the rise and getting more popular than ever before, and for all the right reasons. Text messages are read more than emails, that’s the reason SMS marketing campaigns come into picture!

Text Messaging drives maximum engagement among all marketing mediums by far. More than 90% of messages are read within 150 seconds of receipt. Well, the only reason for you not trying this out is your wrong notion about it. If applied wisely, it can offer you precise targeting and can be an efficient tool to reach a gainful demographic: the younger class.

A Few Break-Down Facts about SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is also known as text message marketing or short messaging service. Let’s give these stats a read:

● SMS is the most welcoming marketing tool, outmatching emails for 18-24-year-olds. Over 90% of people drop off or see a text in their inbox per week.
● Consumers who are delivered text messages have a 40% conversion rate than those who are not sent any messages.
● Text messages have a 98% open rate compared to emails at 20%, which means people open and read text messages more quickly.
Just because a message is more likely to be read does not mean the consumer is going to convert. You need to be more specific about sending your messages and how often they reach your potential customers.

Pro Tips for Successful SMS Marketing Campaign
Text messaging can drive a sizable growth to your business if done correctly. We have mentioned tips to keep in mind when you head out to devise an SMS campaign.

1. Sending messages to the right contacts
SMS marketing can only be successful if you’ve got the list of your targeted audience in your hands. You can ask your customer whether they want to know about the latest launches and offers via messages or not.
Make sure you tell them precisely what they can await from your messages by using CTAs. Taking prior permission from the customers will involve them better. Invest in international messaging today to enjoy sales tomorrow.

2. Know your customers
You must use a customer relationship management app to know how successful your messages were. To make your SMS campaign successful, you need to analyse everything from their purchase history to location to age and then target them with promotions. But you can also send them general sales and promotion bulk messages so that they can be informed.

3. Write clear and precise messages
Be as clear and concise as possible when you send messages to your customers. The first 160 characters are all you have to express yourself. Ensure the message is to the point and written in plain English. Refrain from using abbreviations, emoticons, and all caps.
Be specific if you’re inviting them for sale. Give them a precise date when a sale ends or place an expiry date for the coupons. That incentivises your customers to act.

4. Use CTA buttons in your messages
Call-to-action engages your customers with your SMS marketing campaigns. That’s what any marketer would expect from them: to engage, to read, interact, and take action on them.
A phone number or URL is great options for driving CTAs. Just be creative in what you do. You are not the only one dropping messages, so make sure you stand out from the crowd.
Have a look at some CTA hits:

“Get Offers/Discount” Inviting customers to get offers in the text to earn a discount is a better way to engage them to your offer. Example: “60% off your drinks tonight”
“Text-to-Vote” Run a poll to engage your customers and collect valuable feedback for your company in terms of product quality, service, and prices.
“Buy Now” This is a winner CTA button for targeted messages. Once you know your customer frequently buys a specific product, you can deliver a text marketing that works with a “Buy Now” button to ease out their purchase.

5. Timing is of the essence
You don’t want to send messages too early or too late. But what’s more crucial is to give them ample time to act on your message. No one would like to receive a coupon after making a purchase. Consider writing it earlier than sending it afterwards.
You also want to keep a tab on the frequency of your messages. It will not be a good idea to overload consumers with tons of messages as it can annoy them, and they may start to ignore your messages.Quality plays above quantity, and global SMS solutions providers can help you achieve that.

Bonus Tip
No matter what your business is all about, you can reap the benefits of your SMS campaign by investing time to craft engaging messages, tracking your customer demographics, hiring a2p bulk SMS-specific advertising team, and marketing your international SMS campaign across all your media channels.
Your business needs to monitor and analyse all of your results. Ever wonder, why? You can prep a list of relevant info and send them to a set of the appropriate audience. Keep track of your marketing stats such as open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and subscriber list and even those who opted out of your service.
Hire the best international bulk SMS solutions provider to explore a world of options for your business today!