SMS came into existence in 1992. That was the time when the first SMS was sent. The fundamentals are still the same. As a strong marketing tool, SMS has grown drastically in stature especially in the recent years.
Whether you plan to set up a global marketing campaign or engaging regional customers, Bulk SMS is a highly effective and friction-free way to communicate with clients.

Why choose Bulk SMS marketing?
Here are valid reasons to integrate SMS marketing into your business plan.

SMS is instant
Who doesn’t want to swiftly amplify a marketing campaign? SMSs are sent instantly and received instantly on devices.

The best Bulk SMS service providers give an easy, no-install option. They understand that not all marketers are tech-savvy. So, they make it effortless for you to send messages to thousands and millions of customers.

SMS are time and location-oriented
SMS can be smartly integrated with the on-the-go customers. This can be done with the web-based platform that alerts customers of a location-specific sale/discount.

SMS knows how to grab attention
You are not only competing with the local marketers but also with others outside your region. So, no need to sit and wait for the customers to enter your brick-and-mortar store. An instant message will alert the customer regarding new products or discounts. This gives immediate urgency and priority over other messages.

Efficient in generating leads
Customers and voluntarily opt-in to your database to get news.
Voila, this way you get hundreds or thousands of new leads. If you send customers personalized messages, they certainly feel valued. And you know that a satisfied customer is a source of referrals. A great word of mouth will be enough to do everything.

SMS is trackable
When you partner with the leading SMS marketing service, tracking of messages is also possible. Giving offers and then converting them into sales is what every marketer desires. With smartphones having browsers, you can shorten the URL of your website and send it over in the SMS.

SMS are personal
Customers may have different email addresses and social media profiles but usually, they have one mobile number. So, this makes it easy for a marketer to smartly personalize the message to the right target audience at the right time. Always remember to keep the messages short and crisp.

SMS makes more loyal customers
You can make your customer feel special by giving away free gift cards, inclusive invites, and vouchers. Make them feel special and they will always keep coming back to you for more.

SMS is highly targeted
A customer has an un-explanatory relationship with their phone. This makes SMS a powerful marketing tool. Surprisingly, many customers are receptive to interacting with businesses with the help of text.
Send relevant messages. Don’t flood their phone with plenty of messages. If the offer is relevant and written for the individual customer, you will definitely make a connection with them.

Trackable analytics
SMS is digital information so it becomes easy to analyze it in detail. But it is important that you have segmented your communication effectively. You should know how to differentiate between service SMS, promotional SMS, new related SMS, etc. All messages sent to your customers can be:

  • Stored
  • Tracked
  • Analyzed
  • Measured

Most Bulk SMS marketing providers offer delivery reports. This helps you as a marketer to analyze what bought the maximum amount of success into the business. You can then take lessons learned into your next campaign.

Which industry can benefit from SMS marketing?
Do you know Domino’s is one of the hundreds of big brands that have considered SMS marketing into its overall strategy and got amazing results?
Ryan Swanson, the area director of the brand initiated the SMS campaign with crystal clear goals. He aimed at marketing on Facebook and grew SMS marketing.
Therefore, regardless of what organization you own, you always stand a chance to boost the advantages of SMS advertising by investing time to create personalized messages. Divide the customer socioeconomic process and advance your SMS campaign by trusting a reliable SMS service provider.
All industries including the education sector, financial sector, entertainment sector, e-commerce sector, real estate, automotive, banking, food, legal, etc can opt for SMS marketing services.
Let’s get started!
You will be surprised to know that SMS marketing has advanced over the years. There are different tools and techniques available to make the most of the campaign. All you have to do is to find the top SMS marketing service providers.
Confusion is quite common especially when you are planning to start something new. Remember, you have to advance as per the industry norms, or else your competitor is already to take your place.
SMS is quick, easy, and effective to implement. So, implement an SMS campaign and have a strong relationship with your customer as it will help you to take your business to new heights.