If you have entered the world of business and marketing, undoubtedly, you must have heard about SMS marketing and how powerful it can be for driving immediate sales. Well, with a reliable SMS gateway, you can achieve all your marketing goals.

It is popular among marketers because of the highly receptive audience and being a single medium used for promotion.

Research says it all.

According to CIODrive, 70% of web traffic happens on smartphones . And 90% of the people will read a text within 3 minutes of receiving it as per MobileSQUARED.

The first thing every person does when they wake up is to look at their phones. Interacting with your customers via SMS is a great way to grab their attention.

With more than 65% of marketers and business owners claiming that SMS marketing (Source: google.com) is a handy tool for a thriving business, you are bound to try it out.

So what is stopping you from grabbing this fantastic opportunity to reach out to your customers?

To help you out, we have mentioned tested and successful tips that will thrive your small businesses.

Mobile Coupons:

Everyone loves good deals and great discounts. People love availing their coupons and grab the best deals on the products they love.

Customise a special discount coupon for people who subscribe to the SMS updates. You can also plan discounts on a monthly or bimonthly basis for them.

Targeted coupons sent via SMS will take your business skyrocketing. There are various ways in which you can incorporate coupons into your SMS marketing campaign. By using coupon codes, you can track the ROI generated from SMS campaigns.

Update The existing customers: SMS marketing can help you with customer retention. You can update your current customers with messages like
● Delivery has arrived.
● The order is placed.
● The training session is rescheduled.
● If you know their birthdays, a small personalised message with some personalised offers can make your customers know that you value them.
● Also, you can ask for their feedback and reviews.

To pitch your services at the end, you can mention we love when you shop from us, and some exciting offers are waiting for you.

Such messages will make your customers feel they are valued. Also, give them a reason to come back for exciting offers.

Event reminders:

Planning an event and want all your precious customers to come? Well, ask your bulk SMS service provider to send bulk SMS to all your customers saying, you will be waiting for them and how much you want to spend time with them.

Also, you can tell about what all they can expect from the event. To make sure the maximum number of people show up, you can lure them with special deals or goodies.

Appointment reminders:
Do you own a parlor, clinic, or any service providing business? Then you can schedule texts to your customers about their appointment. Try to reach out to a reliable bulk SMS provider so that there is no mix and match and SMS are sent to the correct person.

Sales Promotion:
As customers agree to receive texts from your company, you have got the green light to boost your sales.
Inform them about your new offers, loyalty programs, invite them to subscribe to your newsletter to get the latest updates. Let them know if you are planning something exciting, and they should be excited about it.

Targeted sales
SMS can drive online sales. But just a friendly reminder that doesn’t try to go extravaganza with your message, keep it short and clear to give the gist.

New Product launch notifications:
Launched some new products and want them to land upon the shelves of your customers? Well, SMS marketing services is the best way to get the word out in the market than any other mode of advertisement.

For instance, you can send a message like Hey there! We have launched our new collection, and we are offering 10% off today. Grab this amazing deal now!

Promotional notifications:
You can send loyalty offers, store offers, new sessions opening schedule, tips in the push notifications. Such messages are perfect examples of promotional SMS that can be sent to customers via SMS.

This can help you generate engagement with customers, and with SMS communication, you can take your relationship with customers to the next level.

Bottom Line
Bulk SMS marketing, also known as promotional marketing is the best and cost-effective marketing solution. It can help you to spread the word about your brand within a few seconds.

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