Importance of SMS Reseller Network for a B2B Business

With the recent advancements in technology, businesses have realigned their marketing strategies with changing times. Organisations are allocating hefty amounts of their budgets to channels like social networking apps and video streaming platforms. Despite the fact that all the flashy and colourful content of social media ads catches more eyeballs, one cannot deny the impact of straightforward bulk messaging on the target audience.

Did you know?

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes
74% of smartphone users leave no text messages unread
98% is average open rate of SMS marketing campaigns

(Source: 99firms)

Above stats give a brief idea about the effectiveness of SMS Marketing.

Are you wondering, “Can Bulk SMS marketing be effective for my B2B business as well?”?
The answer is “an absolute YES”.

A major difference between B2C and B2B marketing is that your B2B customers don’t look for entertainment and engagement in your communication. B2B business clients are very frugal when it comes to spending their time and attention. Therefore, short, to-the-point and relevant SMS marketing can prove to be really effective for your B2B business.

The next big question is “How to go about it?”

The short, to-the-point and relevant answer is effective SMS Reseller Network.

Don’t worry, there is a long answer as well. So here we go:

First things first, what is an SMS Reseller Network?

An SMS Reseller Network is a network of individuals or small organisations that provides SMS services to businesses. It is not only important to have an SMS Reseller Network but also to monitor it. This network is essential for a B2B business because:

Better reach through diverse linguistic network:

The world is getting smaller, or we can say the businesses are becoming global. In such a scenario, organizations, which decide to stay within the national boundaries, lose the excellent growth opportunities. Therefore, for aB2B business to expand overseas, it has to talk the client’s language, quite literally. An SMS Reseller Network will enable you to send customized messages in various languages anytime and anywhere which can definitely increase the leads.

Fast and convenient communication through SMS reselling:

SMS marketing can be as easy as posting on twitter. Good ideas are wasted if they are not executed quickly. An SMS Reseller Network is nothing but a tool to reach your potential customers as quickly as possible. Whether you want to introduce a new offer or just want to communicate for a brand recall, just type down your short text and send it to your reseller network.

Better tracking mechanisms to improve Return on Investment:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. This is a hard fact which cannot be denied. For any business, whether B2B or B2C, ROI is the ultimate measure of any strategic decision. Unlike other marketing mediums, it is way easier to track the success or failure of SMS Reselling Networks. Organizations like Globe Konnect provide white label services to resellers and Reseller Bulk SMS Gateway Panel which not only help in enhancing the reseller network at low costs but also help in efficient monitoring of the SMS communication.


A B2B business is a serious game. Your customers are “No BS” guys. They would like to see the value, you can add into their business, in real numbers. Therefore, it is important to reach the right people in an effective way. An SMS Reseller Network can help you in doing so, if used in the right manner. An SMS Reseller Network helps you in reaching out to more people quickly without compromising with the effectiveness of communication.