How B2B SMS Marketing Strategies Boost Results (1)

In today’s smartphone oriented world, most people prefer to receive text messages over emails. And this fact rings true for everyone whether it is a business owner or a customer.

Over the years, B2B SMS marketing has been recognized by a diverse range of industries making it as important as emails and paid advertisements. An SMS message has the tendency to get open 90% and that too within 10 seconds.

How Bulk SMS Benefits Your Business?

Texting is now a popular business communication channel. Businesses can leverage SMS to send relevant content providing information and promoting themselves.

Here is why you should consider B2B SMS marketing:

High open rate: 98% of text-messaged as opened by the receiver as compared to 22% of emails.

Budget friendliness: Anyone who has a startup or an established firm can utilize the benefit of Bulk SMS marketing as it is affordable.

Mobile-friendliness: Bulk SMS can be sent to every type of cell phone. SMS has the ability to provide similar content that is in a mail-in a more crisp as well as accessible format.

Powerful customer engagement: SMS has 6-8 times higher engagement than email having an average click-through rate of 19%. SMS also keeps you connected to your customers.

Quick delivery: Text message needs very little preparation. Always remember that B2B SMS marketing will work when you send relevant content to the right person at the right time. You don’t have to wait to think about the content, no need to create unique designs and campaign approvals. You only have to draft a relevant message and hit send.

What are the tips that help in generating results?
Quick, easy, and personalized messages help every business to boost sales as it strengthens the relationship with existing clients while impressing the potentials.

Following are a few tried and tested strategies for you to implement in the marketing strategy.

Know the rules
Strict guidelines have to be followed before sending an SMS to someone. This is because the government doesn’t want any business to disrespect or abuse customers.

Build a B2B SMS List
You can’t send irrelevant messages to anyone, so it is very important that you make a list that has the name and numbers of the receivers.

Save your database: Make a list of the SMS receivers and mail it to yourself. This way you will have a backup. Also, make an excel sheet regarding the same.

Use social media:
Powerful and interesting social media posts can efficiently promote your business.

Come up with interesting deals

It is a fact that anyone will only be interested in your business only when it has amazing deals or offers. Use this opportunity wisely and come up with a luring offer that is great. The irresistible reason will undoubtedly push the audience to connect with you.

You want the best results, don’t you? For this, it is extremely important that you explicitly outline the action that you want the readers to take and create urgency.

Segment the list
If there is someone who is looking for new updates, you obviously don’t want to give them PR announcements. Therefore segmentation is important as it helps in promoting different SMS codes for various messages.

Draft relevant content
Make sure whatever content is in your SMS, it should be relevant, to the point, helpful and interesting so that it encourages customers to respond soon. It should have a powerful impact on their mind.

Quickly get to the point. Express what you want to say in minimum characters. But make sure the message is clear and written in plain English. Try to avoid abbreviations, emoticons, and all caps.

Here are a few examples that you can send via Bulk SMS to the customers:

  • New product updates
  • Discount offers
  • Answers to common questions
  • Link to blogs, webinars, etc.
  • Polls and surveys
  • PR announcements
  • Relevancy is critical in launching a B2B campaign that drives action.

Leverage two-way messaging
SMS messaging makes it easy to continuously create and enhance the SMS B2B campaign. By streamlining engagement you can track your client’s preferences. This helps in collecting data for future marketing.
Creating polls, questionnaires, and shortcode text via SMS is easy and getting answers is effortless. These useful SMS tactics for B2B marketers is also to understand the audience.

Key takeaway
Regardless of the type of business that you own, it is quite easy to maximize the benefits of your SMS marketing campaign by dedicating time to crafting effective messages. It is also very important to analyze your audience demographics, leveraging two-way marketing, and promoting your B2B international bulk SMS campaign throughout your company’s media.