Globe Konnect - Are smartphones the reason behind the popularity of bulk SMS marketing

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. Mobile phones have turned our world upside down so how can marketing be spared.

They have changed the marketing game as well. Businesses are opting for bulk SMS services to reach their target audience with a single click and spread the word about their services.

International SMS cost is not much high, and businesses find lots of value from sending SMS to their customers globally.

But how do smartphones help a global SMS service provider? Before discussing this issue, let us talk about the bulk SMS campaign.

SMS marketing is one of the ways of promoting products and services simply by sending a text message to your subscribers. You may also send alerts, notifications, order status updates, customer review requests, and reminders. Thus, SMS has turned out to be one of the marketing channels, and you should include it in your omnichannel strategy.

The fact is that SMS marketing enables you to communicate with customers instantly, and it is highly important for your time-critical campaigns, like delivery updates and flash sale notifications.
What’s more, you can send bulk SMS in more than one regional language to let recipients understand your message.

Your first step to start the campaign is to choose the best SMS wholesale platform, which has partnerships with several mobile network providers. You will have an opportunity of global SMS delivery at the most competitive rate.

Use software to send bulk SMS to smartphone users-

Billions of people worldwide rely on mobile networks for communication, and the number will increase in the coming years. Marketers use feature-rich software to simplify the process of sending bulk SMS.
They can now deliver several messages with one click on the software. Still, it is essential to work with the bulk SMS gateway service provider to get the advantage of the best software.

Bulk SMS and DND numbers-

Although it is easy to send SMS to smartphone users, marketers face the challenge due to the NDNC registry. You cannot send SMS to the mobile numbers registered with the NDNC.
One of the major reasons for introducing NDNC is to prevent unnecessary marketing calls and SMS from disturbing the smartphone holders.

According to the rules of TRAI, you can send your promotional messages to non-DND mobile numbers between 9 AM and 9 PM. You may deliver non-promotional SMS to these DND numbers.
By using the transactional route, you need about 15 minutes to deliver the non-promotional SMS to DND numbers.

But, TRAI has declared that this rule is not applicable for promotional SMS of special categories, like-

Credit Cards
Financial and banking products and services
Real estate

Advanced SMS software for a bulk SMS campaign-

When you do not like to waste your time and messages, the advanced SMS software is the ultimate solution. This software has a special feature to filter out the DND numbers. Thus, you will get the optimal value from the bulk SMS wholesalers.

Reliable marketing software enables you to implement your campaign by targeting smartphones via SMS. You can increase your brand loyalty using SMS software. Professional marketers target potential customers with permission-based subscription links in the SMS.

Smartphone users are indeed highly reliant on internet activities. However, the SMS open rates are higher than that of the emails. Most of the mobile users open their messages within a few minutes of receiving them and read the content.

However, in the email marketing campaign, recipients may send the SMS to the trash without reading it. Your personalized SMS content will convince the mobile to open it and read it. When the message has discount codes, recipients will take a step to buy your products with that code.

Thus, you can now start your SMS marketing campaign by sending the right promotional message to smartphone users. You can develop an instant connection with your potential customers.
It is better to look for a reliable SMS gateway company to help you with your campaign, and Globe Konnect can help to get started.

The SMS gateway server includes a user-friendly API that enables third-party applications to send and receive messages. The multiple SMS gateway providers will make your campaign successful. With a minimal investment in the SMS marketing solution, you can get several benefits.