SMSC A Network element that handles SMS operations

SMSC stands for Short Message Service Centre. As the full form suggests an SMSC plays a central role in the SMS sending and receiving mass messages between various devices. In this article, we will understand more about SMSC, its main features and why you need an SMSC for your telecom business. So, let’s begin:

SMSC – Different communication devices present at different geographical locations are connected by a distributed network.

For example, mobile phones can connect and communicate with each other due to a distributed network. These distributed networks were very hard to manage in the past (remember telephone exchanges which used to make cross-connection errors?).

However, as the technology evolved, it introduced us to network elements. A network element is a logical entity which helps in managing distributed devices by a unified management system. An SMSC is a network element in the mobile phone network. In simple words, SMSC can store, forward, convert and deliver SMS messages for the mobile network users.

Major features of an SMSC

As explained earlier, SMSC handles the complete gamut of SMS operations of a wireless network which includes:

a. Sending and Receiving of SMS messages
b. Storage, forwarding and delivery of text messages
c. Maintenance of time stamps of messages
d. Interfacing with other applications like MS-Excel (used for sending bulk text messages by reading data from the spreadsheet)

A reliable SMSC Service provider can act as a key differentiator for telecom service providers in the communication industry. Modern SMSCs are open source and offer IMS/LTE compatible applications. They also support a wide range of inflated applications.

Why do you need an SMSC for your Telecom Business?

Cost reduction: An SMSC provider company will have their SMSC deployed at telecom operators spread across the globe. They can provide national/international services to your telecom service providing business at a very low cost. Apart from that, SMSC helps in boosting customer satisfaction and subscriber loyalty. Hence, it can reduce overall CAPEX/OPEX.

Customization for Optimization: An SMSC supports a wide range of applications. The complete package of SMS services offered by an SMSC will help you in targeting a wide range of clients. You can customize your services according to the specific needs and help in optimization of your client’s business.

Global Reach: When it comes to reaching a larger audience which is scattered geographically, it can become really difficult to manage SMS communication for any business. Cognitive tasks like finding suitable phrases in different languages, managing different time zones and finding out the target audience should be given priority over managing SMS operations. The transactional activities of SMS marketing can be delegated to an SMSC which can help in increasing reach of any business.


SMS marketing is still one of the most prevalent channels of communication for businesses present across the globe, and SMSC has become absolutely essential for modern business organizations for quick and reliable information sharing. In such a scenario, if you are thinking of expanding your business of providing SMS services, a dependable SMSC – Short Message Service Centre, can prove to be a core competency.