Importance of SMS Firewall

Corporate SMS is a rapidly growing sector. Numerous companies rely on SMS services to promote and market their services. Thus, SMS firewall solution is an essential part of their strategy.

Additionally, an SMS firewall’s positive effects are incredibly vital for a company’s best possible functioning. It identifies all improperly charged routes, filters traffic, and prevents network abuse. SMS firewall is based on a holistic approach that combines software and hardware features to ensure monetization. Moreover, it provides operators with a safe and spam-free messaging environment. It even reduces traffic due to unsolicited messages.


The importance of SMS firewalls cannot be stressed enough in today’s market. It is ideal for avoiding spam and making sure that all incoming message traffic is anti-fraud. For a company looking to grow its market, unwanted spam and fraud messages are quite harmful. They can risk the credibility of the company.


Sometimes, a malicious signaling attack can also take place through spam messages. SMS firewall is required to make sure the safety of the company isn’t compromised. They provide high-performance and scalable solutions to meet modern safety requirements. Therefore, numerous MNCs and large conglomerates implement SMS firewalls in their marketing and safety strategies.


How does an SMS firewall work?


Whenever SMS traffic reaches a mobile operator’s network, the firewall scans each message, originator, source, and route used. Thus, the firewall implements high-performance scanning to analyze each message. Once the scanning is complete, ‘grey routes’ are identified and blocked.


Additionally, the firewall filters traffic spikes and unwanted content. In this way, the SMS firewall effectively ensures that the operator receives no fraudulent messages. It even has a user interface along with a fully customizable data center. The user can enter specific rules and guidelines according to their needs.


Benefits of using SMS firewall

As mentioned before, an SMS firewall is essential in the corporate world. Furthermore, it is quite efficient in avoiding unwanted SMS traffic which can affect revenue.


  • Unified or Independent: SMS firewall includes both analysis and home router. It is an answer to both SMS security and monetization. It can be deployed standalone along with additional protocols for security. The firewall also can be executed on customized servers, which large conglomerates use for their data. Moreover, the firewall is independent of the device used.
  • Fast and Flexible: From the first day of deployment, it blocks all kinds of threats. The firewall is quite flexible in nature. Users can modify their requirements on the go. Furthermore, it detects potential revenue leakage but also provides valuable intelligence in real-time. SMS firewall can also implement new policies without any software updates.
  • Security: SMS firewall defends mobile networks against all kinds of attacks. It ensures that no fraudulent messages go through and blocks all ‘grey routes.’ It means that it even analyzes outbound messages. After it blocks a suspicious or fraudulent message, the message sender can be informed that they delivered their message, when in fact, the firewall blocked the message beforehand. The firewall also features a home router, which protects subscriber privacy.
  • A2P: The firewall provides a complete A2P monetization solution by classifying messages into A2P or P2P. Additionally, they block the grey routes appearing, which also provides safety to the user. It enforces A2P termination over official routes and prevents any revenue leak. SMS firewall blocks messages by bulk SMS providers until a favorable business agreement is in place.
  • Accessible Reporting: The SMS firewall has a robust reporting feature. It means that it alerts the users in the case of a spam or fraud message received/blocked. Moreover, you can also have more accurate information about network traffic and security. You have the option of customizing real-time alerts to be notified once a threat occurs. A2P revenue estimation is also an alert feature, ensuring you always stay updated about your company revenues.
  • SMS Aggregators: The A2P solutions provided by these firewalls have helped many top SMS aggregators to eliminate grey routes, boost volumes, and open the floodgates on A2P revenues for their partner networks.
  • Anti-flooding and Anti-spoofing: Blocks large amounts of messages to one or more destinations, resulting in the elimination of spam messages and the overload of storage. Moreover, SMS firewalls also stop messages using illegally the SMSC of the client operator by manipulating the A-number. There are numerous messages where the addresses are manipulated. These firewalls also play a huge role in blocking these.
  • SMS hubs (signaling or SMPP): SMS hubs often implement their own SMS firewall functionality, but it’s advisable for hub-connected operators to set up an SMS firewall and operate their own controlling logic for traffic coming from SMS hubs. Positioned on the hub, operators get better monitoring and dependable protection.


SMS firewall and Marketing

Over the past few years, SMS firewall and marketing has been a critical strategy for most businesses. However, that in itself isn’t enough for favorable marketing. Thus, companies began to use SMS firewall services to protect themselves and execute a global network of SMS. It is projected to influence the market hugely from 2021 onwards.


Moreover, an SMS firewall is necessary to eliminate the risk of revenue leakage. The control of spam and fraudulent messages in various regions like China, the USA, India, and Canada has been extremely beneficial. They have been vital in the birth of several new policies and regulations, much to the global market’s advantage.


New product development could be an essential strategy with the presence of an SMS firewall. Players are also predicted to tap into a wealth of opportunities birthing due to A2P in various industries. Investment bankers are looking to make a fortune by investing in SMS firewall solutions. These are projected to be extremely viable and critical in the coming months.


Furthermore, numerous companies will look to enhance their stocks and secure their server data using firewalls. There is increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions in medium enterprises. We often observe the presence of firewalls in clouds as well. Hence, the SMS firewall is a critical part of the cloud, ensuring that no viruses or grey routes compromise the cloud data. It is necessary for the perfect marketing and security of any particular corporation. It is also a viable option for numerous upcoming businesses with not a very large consumer circle.


Don’t wait, secure your network now and keep unsolicited messages at bay from your subscribers. Contact Globe Konnect for robust SMS Firewall solutions to prevent any revenue leakage, block spam messages, and will help you identify various routes of monetization.