Globe Konnect - SMS Firewall

You will agree to the fact that corporate SMS is a rapidly growing sector. Organizations across the globe have understood its communication value and have embraced it. Not only business messaging, but “grey routes” (undesired routes) are also surging. Today, there is a dire need to eliminate grey routes to gain back network control. And this has now been acknowledged by mobile operators globally.

SMS Firewall helps in dealing with everything smoothly by blocking grey routes and driving enterprise traffic to the approved channel.

SMS Firewall is a comprehensive solution that helps you to secure your business while unlocking revenue. With this, you can enhance SMS security, combat fraud and monetize enterprise messaging.

The core element of SMS protection is the SMS Firewall that tracks all improperly charged routes, filters traffic, and prevents network abuse. It has a combination of hardware and software that offers SMS monetization.

Reasons why businesses should consider SMS Firewall

Protecting international traffic is not a challenge as it has a low impact on budget and manpower. Especially if cloud-based and the third-party solution is being used. On the contrary, domestic traffic protection needs comparatively larger systems as well as a local set-up. This has a major impact on budget and human resources.
Many operators assume maybe the domestic connections are smaller in number and can be managed and controlled. But because of the following reasons, the SMS Firewall is required is:

  • Fraud
  • Spam
  • Revenue leakages

What are the Features of an SMS Firewall that help Businesses?

SMS Firewall safeguard mobile networks against all bulk SMS messaging attacks and provides complete security & control over all messaging networks. SMS Firewall is an important solution to protect businesses & customers, and traffic management. Whenever an operator understands the complete traffic patterns, it can monetize A2P and other commercial traffic.

Here are the SMS Firewall features to consider:

Monetize messaging
When you don’t have a synchronized and updated layer of firewall protection, then you are unable to claim your fair share of growing your enterprise.

Only feature-rich-protective software understands how important is enterprise messaging. With SMS Firewall, you are protected on all fronts.

Go ahead and shape the industry with the unparalleled features of SMS firewall that provide you with the edge you require to stay safe.

Firewall update services
The SMS market is continuously evolving and entrepreneurs have understood the importance of SMS as it reaches a wider audience. With this, the need for SMS Firewall has become mandatory.

Grey Route protection
Grey routes take away the trust in SMS as a mobile messaging channel. This is done by ignoring acceptable rules of engagement between operators. The Sinch SMS Firewall helps tackle this by blocking grey routes and driving enterprise traffic to approved channels.

How does SMS Firewall work?

When SMS Traffic reaches the network of the Mobile Operator, the firewall instantly scans every message, source, and route used.
When the traffic boosts, the repeated traffic then gets filtered as the undesired routes are tracked and thereby blocked. With the help of a friendly interface that is completely customizable, the user can apply specific rules for different roaming partners, types of traffic, sources of incoming traffic, and types of sender ID.

Wrapping Up

The global short message service (SMS) firewall market is currently witnessing the acceptance of various solutions in the upcoming years. There have been certain factors that are troubling a lot like grey routes.

The major reason for implementing an SMS Firewall is to avoid unmotivated message sending or spam messages from content providers. SMS Firewall aims at offering high performance and scalable solutions to achieve the modern safety requirements.

Do you know that the volume of message trafficking is undoubtedly one of the factors that influence the decision? But now, the complete process has become automated with time. Monitoring is done without interfering in the slight details.

The Firewall gives significant base protection against SMS spam helping in blocking all the malicious signaling attacks, suspect sources of messages, unusually high SMS volumes, or inconsistent SMS traffic in general. This Firewall takes the help of diverse metrics that helps in deciding if every situation should be considered spam or not.