From the last decade, the retail business has seen an escalating shift. With online marketing services, it has become more comfortable for consumers to get products and services at their doorsteps.

For instance, if you sell your services in one part of the world with perfect digital marketing strategies, you can sell it worldwide.

There is constant pressure on retailers to be available everywhere wherever their consumers are, and this has become a challenge.

With new challenges comes more pressure to stand out in the crowd, so the battle boils down to customer loyalty.

So, now the main question arises: how can you turn down the threat posed by your competitors to improve your customer loyalty?

Well, the answer to it is, you need to leverage the power of the consumers’ cell phones.
Smartphones have become their companions. 77% of consumers prefer mobile online shopping (Source, so retailers have to cope up with the customer’s new buying behavior.

SMS marketing is the most direct and exciting way to reach your consumer and uplift your business.

Many retailers have turned to SMS marketing services to build a connection with their existing customers and create new relationships.

So, how you can increase your sales via SMS marketing.

Benefits of SMS marketing in retail:

1. Increase customer retention: Customer relationship is the essence of a profitable business. You can retain your customers by nurturing relationships. Nowadays, rather than giving out physical cards, retailers are more focused on creating loyalty programs.
According to a report, around 3.8 billion brands have enrolled themselves in customer loyalty programs(

You can send an SMS to sign up or register for a loyalty program. In this way, you can attract customers to register to your brand, and then you can send them individual or personalised offers. For such SMS services, you can contact a bulk SMS gateway service provider.

2. Order related messages: Okay, now who doesn’t want an update regarding deliveries and orders. Anyone working in the retail sector realises the importance of orders and deliveries once the order is placed.

Customers like the seamless delivery process to determine the reputation of the brand. If you work in the electronic, stationery, clothes retail sector, you need to realise the importance of delivery.

It especially becomes essential when you are competing against many vendors who are offering similar services. When you integrate the SMS services in your order handling, you can update your customers and keep them in the loop.

3. Send across the in-store offers: Sometimes, it isn’t easy to get customers through the door, so send them offers that could only be used in the stores. Send your customers the product information and in-store offers to update them. If you have stocked up on something new, let your customer know that you have them in stock.

Also, if you are offering attractive discounts only at your stores inform your customers.

For instance, if you have a clothes store, you can come up with an offer like 20% off on the in-store purchase or something you will be giving away for free. In this way, you can attract more customers and build excellent customer loyalty.

4. Go for SMS surveys: Feedback is always essential after a successful delivery. It is still vital to discover the area where you can improve, so ask for ratings or reviews.

Therefore after every purchase ask your customers via SMS to see what they think about your services. For instance, you can say, “Hey, your package has been successfully delivered. Do you want to share your experience with us or ask how our service was or rate our services?”

5. Text special offers: Do you offer regular discounts? Well, then intimate your customers! You might be sending offers via emails or in-app notifications, but there is no guarantee that customers will view your messages.

Therefore, you must send offers via SMS as there are 95% chances that your customers will read them.

The Bottom Line
Well for several years retailers have struggled to use SMS marketing services. However, it is an enticing way to retain existing customers and attract a new one.

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